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The Coffee Ritual

February 8, 2016

A good cup of coffee is undeniably worth the effort.  While the convenience of pre-measured quick-prep machines producing a cuppa joe in a flash into one’s travel mug makes perfect sense in our busy lives, there really is nothing to rival a thoughtfully prepared morning coffee.

For me, the ritual of making morning coffee is a luxurious event, building anticipation for that first luscious sip.  As with most of my culinary methods, I tend to prefer low-tech (non-electric, sans flashing lights and built-in timers) with no plastic or synthetic parts.

The set-up:

soup and coffee1

The routine starts with fresh cold water put to boil in a glass kettle, quality locally-roasted beans ground to espresso fineness, and my French pot – a 4-piece porcelain pot with a long chamber for the ground coffee in a paper filter, a strainer to allow for slow water filtration, and lid.  It’s just so pure and elegant in its simplicity.

soup and coffee2

An Italian-made stove-top steamer, filled with water and heated to boiling, creates a strong pressure that provides steady steam through a narrow wand, creating foamy thick steamed cream.

soup and coffee3

Water that has reach a rolling boil is poured through the strainer, creating a slow, gentle trickle over the ground beans, filling the pot below with densely rich hot coffee.

soup and coffee4

Pour in the thick steamed cream …

soup and coffee9

… and GOOD morning!

soup and coffee6

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